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The Best Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

Winter is over, the days are about to get longer, and the sky is a little brighter which is why this Friday the ‘Great British Spring Clean’ begins! The mission is for everybody across the nation to make a pledge and spring clean, which is why we’ve gathered 10 of our best tips and tricks to help you!

  1. 1. Declutter

As we mentioned in our last blog, decluttering is the first step to having a truly tidy home. Keeping things, you no longer use can create a messy environment in your home which is why you should look at all your belongings and either keep them, bin them, sell them or send to a charity shop.

  1. 2. Tidy Up

Once you’ve decluttered, you should have more space. Use this space as best you can by putting the things that you’re keeping, away in cupboards. To avoid clutter amounting again, make sure everything has its own place.

  1. 3. Go Steady

Tidying one room at a time is key, otherwise you will lose track of where you’re up to and have unfinished jobs. Having one room completely clean and tidy is a greater satisfaction than having a couple of rooms partially done.

  1. 4. Start at the Top

When the cleaning begins, make sure you start at the top and work your way down. This way when you’re cleaning cupboards you won’t miss a shelf or if you’re cleaning a bedroom, dust the lights first and clean right down to the carpets.

  1. 5. Prepare Yourself

If you’re planning to tackle the majority of your home at once then make sure you’re as prepared as possible by having all your cleaning products and tools together and close.

  1. 6. Dress Appropriately

Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty or stained with cleaning product. You should also wear hand protection like rubber gloves in order to protect your hands and nails from harsh chemicals in cleaning products.

  1. 7. Freshen Your Home

Spring is all about freshness and so your home needs to be the same. Keep windows open in order to let fresh air circulate the house and light some spring scented candles.

  1. 8. Multitask

As mentioned above, having your home feeling and smelling fresh is an important part to spring cleaning. That’s why you should multitask and put all bedding, cushion covers and curtains into the washing machine whilst you tidy the house.

  1. 9. Start Home Improvements

Our last blog looked at improving any repairs in your home in time for National Home Improvement Month in April, and we recommend that you take out any repairs on your home whilst you go, in order to not forget about them.

  1. 10. Look After Yourself

Once your home is sparkling clean, reward yourself! Sometimes the best thing to do is sit back in your new tidy home and take in just how much of a great job you’ve done!

We think having a clean and tidy home is incredibly important, especially when you’re moving to a new house. That’s why we offer a full cleaning service for the property you are moving out of, giving you one less thing to worry about! Get in touch today.

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