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Declutter Your Home for National Home Improvement Month

With April just around the corner it means that National Home Improvement month is too. The aim is to encourage people across the country to make the pledge and change at least one room in their home. Decluttering is where you want to start, as once this is done you can clearly see what improvements you need to make on your home, whether it be a small DIY job or a large-scale project.

Our Decluttering Tips

  • ·      Sort out one room at a time. If you try and do more than one you will actually end up with more clutter spread across your whole home and you’ll lose track of where you’re up to.
  • ·      Put your items into four different categories; keep, sell, donate or dispose. Look at each item and consider how useful it is, its condition and how often you use it. If there is something that you want to keep but you don’t use enough to justify taking up space in your home, put it into storage. Examples of stored items are seasonal items like luggage, garden furniture or sports equipment like skiing gear.
  • ·      If some items you want to get rid of are in a good condition then consider selling them, this way you are raising money towards any potential home improvements you need to make. Donate any remaining useable items to charities or discard of any unusable items by recycling them.

Adding Space to Your Home

Creating extra space in your home can increase the value of the property by around 20% so when completing any home improvements, think about the potential benefits to your property as well as to yourself. 

  • ·      Convert your loft, attic, cellar or garage into another room. This could be an extra bedroom, a home office, an extra bathroom or a utility room. Not only will this increase the value, it will also create more living space.
  • ·      Look into gathering planning permission ahead of next month for an extension to your home. If you don’t have the big budgets for projects like this, you can still improve the saleability of your home through decluttering. Rooms will look bigger, brighter and more appealing to a buyer as they can get a better idea of how they would use the space.

Storage Benefits

Home improvements like new kitchen installations or the building of an extension can affect the day to day living of your home. You may need to move furniture into other rooms which will make things crowded and uncomfortable, so look at using storage units instead.

With a unit:

  • ·      Your belongings will be protected from dust and paint
  • ·      Space will be freed for you to still be able to do your daily work

If you’re thinking of tackling any home improvements ahead of National Home Improvement Month in April and need some extra space, get in touch with us today for all your self-storage needs.

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