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Which Self Storage For Me?

Self-storage companies are all different. Not only does the type of storage they offer vary, but their terms, minimum leases, access to units, deposits required, notice given to vacate and the amount you pay all vary from firm to firm too.

If you are looking into potentially using a storage unit, be sure to check out our checklist of all the relevant information you should be aware of:


With different sized storage units available, it can be quite difficult to determine how much space you will need. That’s why we have a storage estimator on our website! All you need to do is input the type of items you want to store, and how many of them, and we’ll do the rest!

Type of storage

If you have particular specialist needs when it comes to your storage, then you will need to ensure you are accommodated for these. Some of our storage units are ground floor accessible and located inside where as others are outdoor and can be driven right up to. Our workspace units can be tailored to fit a variety of functions too.


What time will you be using your storage unit? Will you need to access your belongings at all times? Before you invest in a storage unit you need to ask yourself these important questions. Our outdoor storage units have 24/7 access, and all are easily accessible. There’s no upper time limit on how long you can use our storage units for, with many of our customers using our facilities as long-term solutions for their business needs.


You may want to take out insurance on your belongings when storing in units. This will protect you if your belongings become damaged in any way or if they are unfortunately stolen. Insurance can be arranged through us or taken out independently, but you can rest knowing your assets are fully protected with us.

We are keen to provide local storage solutions at affordable prices so be sure to get in touch with us today for a personalised quote or alternatively you can book a visit to come and see us.


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