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What to Put in Your Storage Unit During Winter

Winter is here which means the temperature is dropping. As a result, many people are preparing to store items that go unused during the colder months of the year.  However, if your home or garage is already full, storing these things can be a problem.

More and more people are choosing to use storage units because of this, and so here’s our list of some commonly stores seasonal belongings:

  • Summer clothing– In a small living space, it can make a big difference to put out-of-season clothing in a storage unit. Items like swimwear and beach towels and any other pieces you won’t be needing in the snow are great to store. You’ll make plenty more room for your winter coats and accessories.
  • Recreational gear– Similarly to clothing, sporting equipment such as skateboards, hiking boots, wet suits and life jackets can take up a hefty amount of room in a garage so are great to put into a storage unit until the warm weather returns.
  • Garden furniture– Gardens are now seen as another room of the house with dining tables, sofas, heaters, parasols and soft furnishing all accommodating our families during the warmer months. Yet, all this furniture needs to be stored in a dry place over the winter in order to keep it from rusting or becoming damaged.
  • Lawn equipment– Now the lawn has had its final cut of the season, the lawn mower, grass clippers and other garden tools that will be out of action for the season, need to be stored in a dry place. Not only will this stop out-of-use items taking up room, it means you can replace them with shovels and tools you will need to help you through winter.
  • Small engine vehicles– if you only ride your motorcycle during the summer months, put it away in storage to gain more space at home. It will also keep it safe and protected during the colder months and darker nights when burglars are at an increase.
  • Holiday home– if you have a static caravan which can’t be used during the winter month there may be many items like TV’s, bedding and soft furnishings that you want to store safely until you start using your caravan again. This will prevent them going damp in the cold, wet weather too.
  • Camping Gear– Likewise, if you regularly go camping during the summer, it’s wise to keep this in a storage unit whilst it’s not in use.

To protect items that you are not using during the winter, store them with Stockport Self Storage. If you want to save space at home, whilst keeping all your possessions safe and secure then a storage unit is the ideal option for you.

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